Terms And Conditions

Volunteer Consent for SAFEST-R Beta Test

I, voluntarily agree to participate in the SAFEST-R beta test. I understand that this test is designed to enhance its features, and my participation will directly contribute to the improvement of suicide prevention and mental health support for service members.

Key Points:

  1. Anonymity: The test is completely anonymous, requiring only my date of birth.
  2. Support Call: At the end of the test, a support call is available if needed.
  3. Voluntary Participation: I acknowledge that my participation is entirely voluntary, and I can exit or quit the test at any time.
  4. Prioritizing Well-being: It is emphasized that the well-being of participants is of utmost importance. Listening to personal needs and feelings during the test is encouraged.
  5. Release of Liability: I understand that no one involved in the beta test is liable for any mental, physical, emotional health, or other impact associated with my voluntary participation.
  6. Intellectual Property: I agree not to copy, duplicate, or otherwise replicate the process, code, or any intellectual property related to this test.

By agreeing to participate, I affirm that I have read and understood the terms outlined above and consent to voluntarily take part in the SAFEST-R beta test.

Call 988
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