Terms And Conditions

Anonymous Engagement Agreement for LifeLine.vet Testing

I willingly agree to engage in anonymous testing with the LifeLine.vet AI, a cutting-edge tool designed to analyze various mental health indicators and raise awareness about potential crises, such as suicidal, homicidal, MST, terrorist, mass shooting ideation, and risk to public safety to mental health professionals or military chain of command. LifeLine.vet employs artificial intelligence (AI) to provide those on my mental health or leadership team with confidental insights to assess my mental well-being. The AI component evaluates responses and patterns, generating valuable data for prompt intervention when necessary. If I choose to give feedback to the developers it will assist in this type of behavior in the future when this AI is put to use to save lives in the veteran, military, agency or civilian sectors.

LifeLine.vet's AI will reduce suicides, homicides, and prevent the next columbine, Sandy Hook or Maine like events. It will save lives and families. Your honest and anonymous participation will save lives.

I understand that the information collected by LifeLine.vet is anonymous and strictly confidential, accessible only to independent mental health professionals, researchers, and testers. The primary goal is to provide comprehensive mental health support to veterans, their families, military, govenment employees, and civilians.

My sincere and open responses play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficacy of LifeLine.vet, enabling the identification of potential mental health crises. The success of this tool hinges on your genuine input, as it aids in accurately assessing various mental health indicators. It's important to note that your participation in LifeLine.vet is entirely voluntary, and you reserve the right to withdraw from the engagement at any time without facing any adverse consequences.

LifeLine.vet adheres to strict privacy regulations, ensuring the utmost protection of my anonymous information. By agreeing to participate, I affirm my understanding of LifeLine.vet's purpose, the conditions in this consent, and the commitment to confidentiality and proactive support.